Course Credit

You need course credit? Credits will be awarded by the University of Salzburg through its Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS ( All students currently enrolled at the University of Salzburg will directly receive 2 ECTS credit points through a designated class, all other participants will be awarded a certificate of completion stating a credit equivalence of 2 ECTS. 

Academic credit is automatic? NO :-)  - participants are expected to submit a portfolio link upon registering for GeoPerspectives, and provide an email confirmation of completion and request for credit on Oct 16. A portfolio typically is compiled as a blog or other web platform, and can be written as a subset of e.g. an ongoing personal blog. The portfolio as a minimum requirement is expected to contain: 
  1. A statement of motivation for participating, outlining expectations and a link to your CV 
  2. A ppt slide (template provided) with a bit of your background and your personal geospatial motto 
  3. A link to a storymap based on or any other comparable platform, addressing a theme of the participant’s past, current or future work. This storymap can be prepared before or during this week 
  4. A complete overview of participation during the entire week, detailing your individual schedule plus motivation for selecting specific offerings 
  5. A brief (200 words each) critical assessment of a minimum of three topical events (workshops, presentations, anything on the agenda but socials – these are welcome, but do not count towards the magic number of 3) 
  6. One 600 word (max. 800) essay on a topic of choice linked to any keynote talk during the week. Think about reporting to fellow students ‚back home‘ when writing this, why they should be interested in this theme and pursue it further 
  7. All participants will join a social/professional media platform dedicated to live interaction throughout the week and are expected to contribute with a minimum of at least 10 substantial comments 
  8. AND – if you submit a conference contribution to ANY of the 3 events, your GeoPerspectives registration will go to the top of the admissions list right away!